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Social Media

Over the last ten years Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and some others have become an increasingly important asset for businesses. These platforms help businesses to reach out and connect with existing customers and discover new potential customers and leads. At the moment it's fairly easy to set up your company's social media channels providing you can afford the time and effort to do so. Having an active social media presence is seen as a business necessity today, it is a powerful way to connect with existing and new potential customers.

Why is Social Media Marketing important for your business?

  • Social media marketing is one of the most effective ways used of promote brand awareness to a global audience, and to a certain extent these days a social media presence of some kind is expected by your audience and potential customers.
  • Timely social media marketing provides you with an opportunity to engage directly with customers to establish good relationship, creating trust and brand loyalty.
  • Effective social media marketing builds a community that will help you achieve business goals by generating leads for your business.
  • Most well known brands now use social media marketing to drive traffic to their website and in the process raise brand awareness.

The real challenge is to keep your pages active and engaging. To see real results you have to keep your potential customers interested and engaged. Posting something interesting and relevant at the most opportunistic time so that your new customer can see the update you posted has been proven to be a key factor in aquiring new customers.

Thinking about this raises a few questions like ...

  • How do you do this when you need to be active on social media daily or at least every other day?
  • How do you do this when I need to be focusing on other more important business tasks?
  • How do you do this when this activity needs to take place before or during the times when your customers are active on social media?
  • How do you do this in a world that operates on a 24/7 basis?

It's not easy on your own, that's for sure! The vast majority of small businesses do not have the time, finances or resources to operate a dedicated social media channel effectively. It's simply not possible or wise for any human to sit at a computer for the amount of time required, this is why we see so many giving up or suspending their activity for long periods. Many fail at socialmedia after posting updates for a year or more. Essentially they give up once they discover the time and effort involved, they re-assess their priorities and stop using social media. Many of those that can see the benefit of socialmedia don't want to stop but feel they can't continue due to the time and effort required.

What is the solution?

Well the answer is easy really, outsource and sub-contract a managed social media assist service like the service we offer.

Social Media Assist

Social media marketing and assistance just when you need it and tailored to your specific needs. Our social media assist service is designed to integrate seemlessly with your existing efforts on social media channels and if required, we can set up new social media channels for you to help you establish a social media presence. Our aim is to help you with whatever assistance you need to manage your social media effectively in order to achieve results.

Question - Why did we create a social media assist service?

Answer - We identified a growing need for this type of service to help businesses, especially businesses operating in the small business sector and we are highly skilled at business development using social media.

Time is precious and many small businesses that find the use of Social media places increasing demands on the business owner and/or employees time. If you are one of these and are struggling to keep up we can help you to free up your time. We can set you up and manage your social media feeds providing you can supply enough information and content (update texts and media).

We offer a complete "social media assist" support service to help you to manage your social media account/s and free up your time. We create and optimize content for the different forms of digital marketing. We use automated technologies to deliver this service all you have to do is provide relevant text information, pictures and links. Once the set of updates have been programmed they will roll out automatically, while this is ongoing you can still contribute normal manual updates to your social media feeds as required, or send new updates to us for programming whichever you prefer.

A Social Media Marketing service that is designed to BOOST your business "presence" on the Internet and in socialmedia

  • Growth - We grow social media audiences by using both organic means and promoted posts (if required).
  • Engagement - We monitor your social media so you look socially active and never miss a lead.

Analytics - Detailed platform analytics track everything on each social media platform to ensure your are aware how well your content is performing. You'll always be aware of what is working and what isn't. Content experiments can be carried out to find the best approach.

How can this social media assistance help your business marketing for your product or service?

This social media assistance service will help you by freeing up your time so that you can focus on more important business aspects. (not that social media isn't important, it's just that like you, we know it can be a pain or a bind trying to keep up with everything else you are required to do to run a successful business. Our service will help your social media account to appear active and engaging to followers. We'll be sure to target your business niche, locale and country so that we help you to grow of an organic audience of potential customers who are interested in your product or service.

When you hire us this will instantly save you and your business money. There is no employee wage to pay, no national insurance to pay, no employee tax to pay, no employee pension to pay. That can amount to a lot especially to a small business so it makes sense to outsource and hire professional assisstance for social media just when you need it.

Best of all there is no binding contract so you can try us out for a month to see how we work, book us for 3 months or longer if you are happy with how things are going.

What can we do for you?

We help businesses in Scotland, the UK and all around the world to reach their digital marketing goals and objectives.

We can help in many ways, if you need help to do a specific task or run a specific campaign just tell us what you need and ask us for a quote.

  • Setup new account and optimize it. Optimize existing account for better performance in search.
  • Give you a credible social media presence log in every 2-3 days, keep up with followers & messages.
  • Content creation that is focused on delivering real value for duration of the service. (using your images and text)
  • Publish any updates you send to us, editing to help you to create the most engaging post content for your business or product.
  • Acquire real natural organic followers who want to hear more about your product or service.
  • Focused marketing for specified target country to create audience of potential customers.

and much more!

As always you get what you pay for. To ensure you have a presence that delivers effective growth takes significant chunks of time and effort. Our extremely popular social media assist service starts at only £49 per month per socialmedia network. You can make massive savings on this service by signing up for 2 or 3 months or longer (ask for a quote).

Try one of the social media networks mentioned below to see how we can help to free up your time. Sign up today to get started!


Social Media Assist FB
Social Media Assist TW
Social Media Assist Inst
Social Media Assist Pin

If you wish to use our service over multiple social networks that's ok, we can use content schedulers to help with this. We have listed some options for multiple social media platforms below that will save you money on the individual platform options above. If you do not see what you need please get in touch and ask us for a quote. We'll be as competitive as possible.

2 Platforms
3 Platforms
4 Platforms
5 Platforms

Social Media Assist 2 Platforms
Social Media Assist 3 platforms
Social Media Assist 4 platforms
Social Media Assist 5 platforms

Testimonials for Social Media Management service

Here are some testimonials from customers who have outsourced our social media assistance and management services.

  • Perfect service, super work! Repeat customer, I have used many times and have always been thrilled with the results.- Customer A, USA
  • Service delivered many real organic followers! I can not believe how well the service worked! Great communication and work, will hire again soon. Customer B, USA
  • Fantastic service. One of the best that I’ve used, provided exactly what was required and communicated very effectively during the process. Customer C, Canada
  • Great work, always exceeds expectations. A really great service delivered with terrific communication skills! Highly recommended! Customer D, England, UK
  • Extremely good at what they do and very knowledgeable I would recommend any day to anyone working in hospitality and travel wishing to boost their social media! Customer E, England, UK
  • Very good work. Recommended for anyone who needs help with Pinterest socialmedia account development. Customer F, New Zealand
  • Did a fantastic job with our Pinterest account and went far beyond what was required to help us understand how we can use Pinterest in our business highly recommended. Customer G, England, UK
  • Our go to for social media. In two months our Pinterest has grown from zero organic impressions to over 45k+ and we now have well over 1,600 followers, what an amazing job. Customer H, England, UK

Social Media Training

We can also provide training services where we show you how to manage your social media accounts so that you can manage social media and your time effectively and completely in house. We provide on-site / in-house training for you or your company employees at our standard hourly rate and we're always willing to help clients with any questions or issues you may have after your social media training is complete.

Contact us to find out how we can help you with training

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